The Walking Dead: a Blog Site Dedicated to Understanding Neuro-immune Diseases and why They are Covered up.

Imagine one day getting what feels like the flu, that never seems to end. Days and weeks (or months, years, decades) go by, but this damn flu never seems to go away. You find yourself at the doctors frequently. Each visit, they take blood tests and tell you you’re fine.

After a while, you even begin to doubt yourself. You do what you can to dust yourself off, and keep going. Problem is, your joints, bones, and entire body hurt so bad that you can barely even think or function. The brain keeps fighting to disassociate from the pain making you appear slow and stupid to those your milieu.

Then, finally, after a couple months of straight suffering, you seem to feel better. This is great news; you start to tell your friends and family that you’re finally doing better. Heck, you even apologize for being needy and complaining.

Imagine then, after a few weeks, your head pain and many other symptoms slowly return one by one. Except this time, they are more intense and disabling. Your full-time job becomes part time, your grades in school begin to plummet, you lose the ability to play with your children or cook dinner for them on time. More specifically, your whole life just falls apart. You develop fatigue that feels like you are wearing a heavy lead suit with your head in what feels like a foggy horror movie. You’re so exhausted that you have to sit to brush your teeth. Your bedroom becomes a prison cell, were you are committed for a crime you did not commit.

Imagine as symptoms persist, and you become more ill, each doctor visit becomes more stressful and starts to wear down on your self-esteem. However, this time, since symptoms have progressed, you feel that there is no way that doctors can overlook your health issues this time. After you wait for additional testing, the doctor comes back and tell you it’s nothing serious. They tell you to take some Advil, and come back if symptoms get worse. At this point, you feel if your symptoms get any worse, you will probably die.

As more time goes by, your hands and feet become swollen and begin burning and swell up. A new kind of hell that occurs on top of all the other symptoms that are also still progressing. So naturally, you took the doctor’s advice and go back to tell them how your symptoms are worsening. Subsequently, the doctor takes the same old tests and the results come back negative once again. On top of the negative tests, the doctor to tell you that there is no way that these symptoms are in any way related.

Imagine months and years of repeating this same process over and over again. Then your doctor decides that you should see a psychiatrist, because it is most likely stress causing the physical symptoms you are experiencing. Yes, didn’t you know? Stress causes crippling fatigue, fevers, swollen glands, severe pain, burning nerves and severe brain fog.

Next thing you know, you’re wrongfully prescribed antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzos, and end up taking more and more pills… But none of them ever address the underlying cause of your symptoms. Now you are an alleged hypochondriac who has Munchausen syndrome. At this point, you think to yourself, “can things get any worse”? Unfortunately, you quickly learn that things can get worse beyond your wildest imagination.

Now that your symptoms are labeled as psychosomatic, doctors, family, friends begin to assert that you are a faker that is seeking attention. One by one friends stop talking to you, without a word. You spend weeks and months analyzing why these people stopped speaking to you. Why would they just abandon you? It comes to a point where if you aren’t lucky to have a loving and understanding family, you end up in what is nothing less than solitary confinement.

You spend weeks, months, and years staring at your walls and ceiling feeling powerless; unable to even take care of yourself. Appallingly, many people’s families even turn on them. Family members start ignoring you and calling you a faker because the doctors have labeled you as a hypochondriac. For people who don’t have families, homelessness can quickly become a reality. Since you can’t get a diagnosis, you have no access to disability benefits therefore no money to live. Sadly, this is the reality for those who have lost both their friends and their families. It’s only years into suffering, that people develop conditions that are deemed serious enough to be recognized by mainstream doctors (Autoimmune, mental illness, Neuro-immune) where they can  potentially receive disability benefits.

Imagine that, what started as a ‘flu’ became an illness so severe that you can’t even get enough energy to walk from room to room in your house. The pain and fatigue become so severe, that all you can think about is a way out.

Imagine after you become ill, you become pregnant. Then, after you give birth, this so-called hypochondriac illness gets passed on to your child. Just when you thought things can’t get worse, you have to watch your child get treated the same way you have been treated. Mothers of these children can often be diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, and often may lose custody of their children. Meanwhile, these mothers get scrutinized for being too sick to even be there to meet their own children’s needs. Not only have their lives fallen apart, they have to watch their children helplessly follow down the same path. Not only are you sick, but now you are victims of medical abuse which causes you to lose faith in all doctors. If anything, because of malpractice and negligence, doctors actually become a key hazard to both parents and their children. In the end, you (and your children) are now sick, dying and have become isolated from society.

I bet at this point of the blog, you’re expecting me to reveal this as my own personal story. . However, this story is more common than you think. This is OUR story. After years of trying to find a diagnosis, many of us end up being diagnosed with Lyme Disease (OspA Disease) Fibromyalgia, Bipolar, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or Gulf War Illness. All different categories that the mainstream medical has made up for what really comes down to is a neuro-immune condition that affects the maturity of B-cells (see other blogs).

No matter what diagnosis, each of these groups of people had to face multiple years of medical abuse, loss of family and friends, and/or watched their children go through the same.  One thing we all have in common, is that we are the walking dead.

The problem with having these mainstream diagnosis or labels, is that it actually undermines how sick these people really are. These people have a form of B-Cell immunosuppression (Immature B-cells due to the inhibition of apoptosis). This eventually leads to endotoxin tolerance. As a result, people who experience endotoxin tolerance develop a form of immunoparalysis. More specifically, these conditions often have an AIDS like outcome (damage to TLR 2/1 and 7/9, fungal and viral) where sufferers often have an overabundance of immature B-cells that cannot produce an efficient enough antibody response to fight off opportunistic infections and reactivated viruses

The common mechanisms for fungal-induced immunosuppression are generally caused by TLR 2 agonists (OspA, mold, TB, Brucella etc). The National Institution of Health reports that such post-septic (TLR 2) immunosuppression leads to chronic reactivation of several viruses including Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and HHV-6, which can lead to opportunistic infections (Candida, chlamydia, mycoplasma etc.).

Thus, the roots of neuro-immune diseases (i.e. Fibro, ME, CFS, CLD, GWI) consists of an antibody-deficient type of immunosuppression whereby immature B-cells are unable to produce healthy and efficient antibodies to keep opportunistic infections and reactivated viruses at bay.

Although the medical system has done all they can to wash out the truth about this neuro-immune outcome, it is important for people who read my blogs to understand that the disease mechanisms are demonstrated through a massive collection of published scientific research and publication documents.

Imagine how scary it is to learn this. It may take a long time to accept that this is our reality. Numerous treatments might only work temporarily. Many get hustled by snake-oil doctors who promised a cure.

One of the key purposes of this blog site is to conduct a metanalysis of all the scientific evidence there is on the both the causes and outcomes of neuro-immune conditions. Antibody deficient immunosuppression is not recognized as a class of illnesses is because these mechanisms PARALLEL what is happening in the failed pediatric vaccines where the kids get the live, reactivated viruses like the MMRs from the vaccines. Both the causes, and the outcome of neuro-immune conditions are denied by both he government and the medical establishments that are funded by these governments.

In addition, this blog site will also examine topics like geoengineering and autoimmune diseases as they also are heavily associated with antibody deficient immunosuppression.

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